Thursday, November 13, 2008

Young Adults

My husband and I have worked with young adults for the past 9 years. I think we love it because of the hope for the future that they represent. Unmet longings for career and family and purpose are represented in each person who visits our home. The 18-30 crowd is still searching.  Emerging from the age-segregated mini-world of school and confronting real day to day problems that each of us face: bills, car repairs, relationships and employers to name a few, they seek to do so with integrity.  Some are quite prepared out of high school, with good understanding of economics and family relationships, but others come from broken homes,have suffered abuse or been instilled with humanistic training.
These young adults wrestled with the ideas  that this  election brought to light and are concerned with finding their place in service to the body of Christ. Concerned with truth, they eagerly  seek  ways to engage their culture, without forfeiting the absolutes that they trust in. They are  disciples, trusting in God to lead them. They enjoy we old folks, humoring us as we tell our stories and looking for lessons that they could avoid learning the hard way.  They seek to display the love of Christ to one another.
As dim as the future can look when watching network news or scanning the daily paper, Friday nights at our house are a reminder of the hope that lies within us and the future of the Church.

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