Monday, December 8, 2008


Trying to get some projects ready for travel last night I ran into trouble. First of all, I needed smaller dpns for my Fetching. All I had was metal and I hate knitting with metal dpns, so I moved on to casting on Amy's legwarmers. She insisted on these yarns together, but knitted, they look like candy canes. I refuse to knit legwarmers that look like candy canes. It is a boring project anyway, and I can't endure being bored for something that is not pretty. I told her to either pick a lighter color of Cascade and I'll pay or she can order a different color of the Madil Seta and she can pay. She is paying. I called the nice lady at Bonnie's Spinning Wheel this morning, who has a price almost $2.00/skein cheaper than anyone on the net, and she helped me figure out what color to get. The online color cards are NOT trustworthy.
I finally wound up casting on socks, which seem to be my travel staple. I am trying Nutkin in some Araucania Ranco Multy in a soft blue/brown combination. Today at lunch I headed over to Fiberge to get DPNs to find out they are only carrying Brittanys. No bamboo anymore. I was sad. I love the slick warmth of knitting with bamboo. But these are lean times and Brittanys are cheap and if they break, they will mail you free needles if you give them a call. So, I mustn't complain. While there, I spied some yarn to make my poor, freezing husband a scarf. He is always the last and really should be the first person I knit for. There should be enough for a scarf and beanie! It is a beautiful Cascade gray tweed. He will be dashing!

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