Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Very Nice Sister

My VERY nice sister sent me this book for Christmas. She said I could open it early and I was very happy to peer inside the package! Elizabeth Zimmerman is royalty in the knitting world. I have made the Baby Surprise Jacket and her own instructions are contained in this volume. I love knitting this is truly a surprise when finished. You really don't know exactly what it will look like until it is off the needles. This are pictures of my attempts.
Once I find out what this grandchild is going to be, there will be more in the making.
Last night was our TwoFortyTwo White Elephant Christmas party. This has become a cherished event. Lots of food and laughs made for a great time. A live lobster, a bedpan (new and unused) fill with chocolates (we are getting quite a few nurses in this group), and a humongous wall hanging of Sitting Bull made for great laughs.

My 6'5" husband is holding up Sitting Bull, arms held high. Very funny.
It is 27 degrees and snowing. I need to clean house and plan our trip to the West to visit family. Lots to do. But I will also finish a pair of fingerless mitts for hubby and start on some green Cascade 220 for some Fetching for me. Here's a pic of us. Hayley will be happy. 32 years of marriage and still going strong!

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  1. great post :) and i also appreciate the pic of you and todd. beautiful ive been in the knitting/crocheting mood alot this week...its been wonderful. thanks again for the patterns, the beanies turned out great. cant wait to see you guys :)


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