Friday, December 26, 2008


I love being on vacation. My biggest problem is coordinating events and keeping track of my stuff. I have lots of pictures, but will upload those when I get home. I have been knitting like crazy and will share next weekend. All knitted gifts were enthusiastically received and my mother loves her socks. ( She told me she was allergic to wool once, but I doubted it. The new wools are processed better than in the olden days. ) Success!

I am reminded of the wonderful work God has done in our family and just how blessed I am. I am also reminded that we are all sinners and forgiveness and grace go a long way. I found out that hearing the same sermon seven times can speak to me differently each time. I realized that our family loves "light" discussions around the table of God's sovereignty, world affairs and the issues the modern church faces and I realized how much I miss hearing my kids lead a congregation in worship.

In heaven we will all be together all the time. I am grateful.

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