Friday, January 9, 2009


Since my kids are all in ministry in one way or another, vacation was filled with going to church. Festive red scarves were seen in abundance and inspired me to seek out red yarn for the new year, to start on Christmas scarves for all. Red malabrigo intrigues me, as I have used some merino from Manos de Urugay and loved it. Malabrigo in its forms of red are on my want list.
One church in particular was unique (actually each of them were, but since we work with young adults, this church was in particular intriguing.) I wound up hanging out in the information booth selling Travis Ryan CD's meeting new friends, some from other parts of the world. One was an interesting guy from Egypt with a very joyful name. He said he came from 11 generations of Christians and had attended English speaking schools, therefore, his English was perfect.
The church was culturally diverse, the Saturday night services were packed and the population predominately 18-40, which was refreshing. I was told that Sunday mornings are packed as well, with families and older people in attendance. The last service on Saturday night started at 9:00pm and ended at 10:30pm. It sounds late, but for young adults it really is perfect. Not many churches would have staff that even stay up that late.
I love to travel and attend church where ever I go. It reminds me that I am part of something bigger than myself or my local church. We are the body of Christ, and its many parts are reflected in people from every tribe and nation (and worship style.) The diversity in people and their organized worship is a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like. I'm just hoping they will all be wearing scarves.

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