Friday, January 30, 2009

Crystals and Yarn

This sun was shining this morning, highlighting the beauty of creation and the recent snow and ice. It reminded me that everything man creates mimics something that God has done in nature. Even music mimics the rhythms of water or the chorus of birds. God is the chief creator and we share in his likeness and thus create. Hayley LOVES crystals and I wish she could see this in person. There is a dark side however to all of this beauty. Many have been out of power and damage was done to properties from downed trees. Amy heard a loud crash and a large branch is down in our back yard. The world is broken, but will someday be the way it was created to be. Now THAT is hope.

Today I visited Yarns and Fabrications in West Chester. They recently moved into a new space at the same strip mall, closed their quilting side of the business and expanded the yarn side. I was VERY impressed. They had things I have not seen locally and a great variety of moderately priced yarns. they very well could have everything Cascade 220 has to offer, as well as all the Brown Sheep yarns available. They carry Malabrigo, and lots of washable yarns for children's garments that weren't in "typical" baby colors. I will definitely be back.
I am stocking up on Christmas present yarn and found some great buys and colors. some yummy Baby Alpaca Chunky from Cascade in a deep Christmas red, a deep red in some Cascade 220 for 6.50 a skein, and some fingering for Moc-socks in Panda Silk and Panda Soy.

I'm almost done with the baby kimono. what a fun project! will finish tonight and start in on a hat and booties!

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  1. I've just been learning about soy and wonder what it is like to knit with? As a wool-free knitter I'm so excited to discover all these new natural fibers. Have you used it before? Sounds so healthy. joan


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