Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frozen World and other things...

I woke up this morning to crystals hanging in the trees, mounds of icy snow topping all the bushes and a still quiet. But I have questions.

Why are there joggers running on my street when the road is barely passable by cars which are careening on the ice?

How did the outside cat get left in the house (she has NEVER been in the house before) while we went to church on Sunday? What did she do in here for 3 hours?

Why did my futon start emitting fumes of sourness this week and what was that stiff substance found on its cover? How did it get there? Mr. Nobody strikes again.

What does it mean when our president says we each deserve to pursue our own version of happiness?

Where is everyone going to park Friday night for TwoFortyTwo? Not on the street, that's for sure.

Why can't I get paid hourly for knitting? There must be a way.

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  1. Hahaha! If you find a way to get paid that hourly wage, clue me in! I could totally do that for a job...


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