Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm back...

Vacations are great, but so is being home. It's hard to go east, but I forced myself to get up at 9 this morning, to start mountains of laundry and to put away Christmas decorations.
Our first day of travel was long. However, a knitter has a different perspective on this sort of thing. What? I have to sit here uninterrupted for five hours? This is a knitter's dream. Only myself and another knitter (I will talk about her later) were not annoyed. A five hour delay allowed me to knit a good start on the first of an Easy Leg-Warmers from LMKG. First of all, I would like to say there is NOTHING last minute about them. I can think of nothing (well, maybe I can think of something...) more boring than eternally knitting K1P1. They don't belong in a collection of last minute knitted gifts, but then who am I to say. I stayed at my mom's the first week of the trip and was able to finish the first one completely. Then I couldn't bear to begin the next. I waited until my return flight to cast on and knit about 4 inches.
The funny thing was there was a fellow knitter at the airport the first day, working on a cute yellow baby sweater. We had each spied a white rocking chair at the Continental gate and had pondered sitting there while we knitted and waited for our planes. As we discussed our trips and our knitting, we found out that we had both been eyeing the chair and had discussed the rocking/knitting possibilities with our families. Each of our families threatened to disown us if that happened. Needless to say, no one used the empty white rocking chair. On the return trip yesterday, I saw my knitting friend again. She had finished her yellow sweater and had given it to her first grandchild that had just been born. She was on to a green one. The white rocking chair was still empty.
The second day of our trip was lots of fun. My daughter-in-law, who loves celebrations had thoughtfully planned the unveiling of the sex of their forthcoming child. The ultrasound technician wrote the sex on a pieced of paper, sealed the envelope and this was taken to a baker, who baked a cake with filling dyed pink or blue. We had a wonderful family dinner and cake cutting ceremony where we all found out what the baby is. And the color is ....
I started an Irish Hiking Scarf for my husband and got quite far on the trip. It is a fairly mindless project, without being boring and I LOVE it. I see more tweeds in my future and think I will begin spying them out exclusively for a while.
Chad was a happy recipient of his scarf and hat. I made the Cap Karma Hat and call it my uh-oh Karma as I got off somehow right from the start and my cap looks NOTHING like the original. The Double Cable Scarf is from One Skein and was made much longer. Requests have been made for hats on all fronts. That is what is nice about knitting. Everybody wants something. Something can be made for any taste or size or occasion. I never found quilting or crochet to be this versatile.
Grandpa was quite pleased with the dog sweater of his alma mater, University of Michigan. Here sits Greta, displaying the colors. More tomorrow...I've got work to do after being gone almost three weeks.


  1. What a neat idea to unveil the sex of your baby!

    And congratulations on getting so much knitting done. What needles did you end up taking on the plane?

  2. Bamboo only, though I saw someone with metal needles on the plane.


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