Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Perfect Day

This morning we went to church. It was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. A solemn reminder that more babies are killed daily than all the lives lost thus far in Iraq. We then went to Chipotle with our friends from TwoFortyTwo.
I was able to knit all day without guilt. It was freezing outside and snowing with light accumulations. I could have started cleaning the basement, but it is not heated and today was NOT the day to attempt it. So, I finished hubby's Irish Hiking Scarf and you see it soaking in Eucalen, ready to block. With the cold snap this week, he is anxious to wear it. Next I will cast on a matching hat.

Yesterday at Fiberge, I wanted to buy some Baby Cashmerino in an icy steel blue. There wasn't enough, so I can home and rummaged through my stash and low and behold, some pretty beige Cashmerino was there waiting for me. I casted on last night and made some progress on a Seamless Baby Kimono. today. The yarn is a little splitty and the sharp points of my Options require me to be a little careful. Not a big problem, but definitely different feel from the Addi's I used to complete my scarf. I do love my Options. I always have the size I need now. I have lots of Addi's, but it never failed, I would start a new project and still not have the size I needed. It was getting annoying and expensive. My sweet husband believes in good tools and told me to get some Options and now I don't have to buy needles anymore. I have been told that they can separate from the cable, but a little Gorilla Glue and they are as strong as ever. I have not had that problem, but got a bottle of Gorilla Glue, just in case.

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