Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fine arts and yarn

My husband is 6'5" tall. A normal scarf looks like a miniature on him. So I knit and knit and knit. Eventually I will be done. Luckily I love this pattern and find it ALMOST mindless.

This yummy yarn is Tupa by Mirasol, a merino and silk for some future project. I am stashing in red this year, anticipating some festive Christmas gifts. Two skeins from Fiberge. I am happy.
Last night we attended the Fine Arts Festival for PEP. What a delight. Some amazing talents were displayed and even some renewed interest in excellence by a particular family member... The choir was particularly impressive. I have always been proud of my homeschool community and have never experienced the "bad apples" that I hear about. Training minds that can discern, allowing children to develop their gifts fully and enjoying the presence of my children as they grow, without others dictating my schedule has been a joy to me over the years. Last night reminded me of why I homeschool.

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