Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 Inches?

I started Todd's Karma Cap to go with his scarf. I really do like this pattern. It is easy and I think cables are so much fun. Lots of interest with little effort. It actually goes with is scarf.
I finally got my husband to model his Irish Hiking Scarf. He loves it! I am intrigued with some patterns that have cables on both sides though. He has to take care to put it on correctly to not show the back side, which seems a little high maintenance for a scarf. there are some 2 sided scarfs and I'm going to check them out. I do this this turned out beutifully though.
The weatherman predicted 2 inches of snow. As anyone in my fair city knows, the weatherman is the only one who can never get it right and still keep his job. As the day progressed into night, it was more like 10 inches with an additional inch over night. I was thankful for a man and his son who knocked on our door and offered to plow for us.

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