Monday, February 16, 2009

Babies and Bears

This weekend I descended to the basement and attempted to make a dent. I emphasize the word dent. I also worked on Babies and Bears. The construction of this is so interesting. First you start at the right cuff and knit into the body. Then you place all the work on yarn holders, dividing the sections (back, underarm, side of neck and front.) Then you make the opposite cuff and knit into the body, doing the same. My gauge is the same on each side. My camera must have been angled to make it not look the same.

One of the sides has a gansey design added to it to match the gansey design on each side front. Then you place the back sections on needles to join by the Kitchener stitch. All my sock knitting has come in handy. :-)

After joining the backs, the hood is added in garter stitch.

I'm knitting on the hood today. I have made the Baby Surprise Jacket before and I have to say this is more enjoyable. I think I like that you never have time to get tired of anything. A delightful project!

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