Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babies, Tornadoes and TV

I'm enjoying this pattern and see more in my future. Cottage Creation patterns are fun to read, easy to follow and go really fast. I finished the right side, am starting the left side and somehow the two join together. Very clever!

We had high winds yesterday and two tornado watches. I hate tornado watches. The siren system in Cincinnati is ridiculous. I don't even know what they mean. We live on the border of two counties. One county warns when you are under a warning (go to your basement) and the other when a severe thunderstorm is approaching (no help at all, since I can hear or see that easily.) We can't tell which siren is which, so we have to turn on the TV or a radio to find out what is really going on and if we ever hear the sound of a freight train coming, I guess we'll go in the basement. None of this makes me feel like I am prepared.

Come April, I will be a grandma! If you would like to see my grandchild's name, go here. I love it!

My sons played on live internet TV last night. You can check it out. Travis Ryan singing and Brandon on keys. Josh Auer, their very talented friend joined them. I love the internet. I get to see my kids once in a while!

By the way, what in the world is up with Lost? I am lost, that's for sure. I'm guessing it's all a dream and we will all groan when it ends. We'll see...

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  1. Cute name! I'm sure you will be the superlative grandma, Debbie!


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