Monday, February 2, 2009


I finished the baby kimono and it is drying on my baking racks with a fan blowing on it. I think this works so well and dries things more quickly as the air circulates freely. I actually finished some accessories this weekend, but I want Hayley to have SOME surprises...
I love making i-cords. Maybe it reminds me of my one camp experience (yes, I only attended one camp in my youth, sad to say) where we made lanyards. We did not make them with knitting needles I'm sure. The baby kimono is tied with an i-icord, so I got to make two. I didn't need the video, because once you make one, its like riding a bike, but I thought this video might be helpful.

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  1. Baking racks! Brilliant!! I'm gonna try that trick next time!


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