Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moc-A Socs

These are the cutest little booties. They are Bekah's Moc-A-Socs. I had to go out and purchase some 8 inch size 2 dpns. My 6 inch favorites for socks did not work, as too many stitches need to go on the needle. They are cleverly worked on one needle and then seamed. I have shown the steps for this construction. The yarn I am using is a Panda Soy and Panda Silk and it soft and has a nice sheen. The soy is very soft, but splitty. The silk is very nice to work with. I am finishing the second one now.

Little Hudson will be dashing in his Moc-A Socs!


  1. Those are nothing short of adorable!! Makes me want to get to knittin' some!


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