Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Two days ago this beautiful bird showed up at my suet feeder. (Not my own picture. I haven't seen a green leaf in a long time. He did look exactly like this though!) He seemed enormous. 16 1/2 inches is what my bird book says. He dwarfed the other birds at the feeder and actually scared them all away. Two different types of woodpeckers frequent my feeder, but he is a new arrival. The winter has been very gray and now that the snow is gone, the red crown he wears was a stunning addition to my dreary backyard. A pleasant surprise, this gem that brightened the view out my window. Dreary is the word of the day (maybe the year...) and I'll take whatever I can get.

Which is probably why the story of Sully has been so refreshing. Too much news watching keeps one awake awake at night, but the emergence of a hero, a person of ethics and know-how, who as I Chron. 12:32 states, “the men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Israel should do," captures our hearts, giving respite from the bad news we have grown accustomed to. We long for leaders who are honest, who are trustworthy, who handle our lives and livelihoods with care.

And speaking red, I am enjoying the One Row Handspun Scarf. It is a fast knit and a mindless pattern, but the texture is appealing and shows off nicely the color variations of the Araucania Nature Wool Solid.

Spring is on the way, with the hopes of springy lieu of the now welcome red. I do have a touch of it in my house. My new windows don't allow the sunlight, so I have a grow light set up in the corner of my dining room. Spring has sprung in my dining room.

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  1. Those flowers are so beautiful. I find myself looking for color just about anwhere these days. Winter is really getting old..


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