Thursday, February 26, 2009

Socks and Drawers

Today I finished the Moc-A Socs. They are so cute. Can't wait to see them on the grandbaby.

I also started cleaning out drawers. The kitchen "junk" drawer always amazes me. I always find something in there that I have been looking for. My coffee table has two deep drawers that were also getting rather junky. They were emptied, organized with knitting supplies of course. I should ask my husband if HE wants to store anything in there. I don't want to be a drawer hog.

Tonight I am casting on a dishcloth, a simple gift for a friend. This weekend I may cast on some socks and finish a scarf as well. That's AFTER I haul at least five loads of stuff up from the basement. Spring is coming...time to clean!

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