Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day on the Town

Today we took a day and went to the Krohn Conservatory. I have only been there once and was reminded of the rough beauty of downtown Cincinnati. Not to mention, all the beautiful plants and flowers.
We never did figure out what this old building was across the street. It looked like something Rapunzel would inhabit. Signs gave indication it is just a radio tower now. If you know what this is, please share. Note the BLUE sky. My son said, "Wow, no smog." That's right...
Hubby took a day off since he has been working ridiculously long hours and Chad took a picture of us inside.
Amy found the butterfly chair and Chad found a nasty looking plant covered with thorns.
We took a walk around Eden Park and a funky smell was in the air. First we thought it was the river, but then we found this pile of muck. The lake inside the park had been drained and they were scooping up this lovely green stuff.

We ate dinner at Brio at Newport on the Levee and then my family took me to KnitOn! to pick up this lovely yarn that I had on order. The perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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