Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hudson in Spring

I do believe I've got the hang of the Column of Leaves Scarf. This goes really fast. It takes medium concentration (in other words, you can do it during a boring movie or one you've seen several times) and it is beautiful. I'm going to do a green one for me.
Lilac's from my neighbor's yard.
A mass of Phlox from my planter bed.
Candytuft that will only bloom for a few weeks.
My new favorite flower- Columbine.

The garden was magnificent the day my grandson was born. Hudson Ryan Collins made his debut at 9:03pm weighing in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long. Due to God's grace and amazing technology, we witnessed his arrival via webcam. We are praising God that we live in a time of technology. I am an avid Little House on the Prairie fan and Ma's parents (who lived far away ) did not have such luxuries, hearing of Caroline's births quite after the fact. He is a beautiful boy and we are so proud of our son and wife. They will be wonderful parents.

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  1. How very cool that you got to see it via webcam! My mom vowed that she would be there for my 3rd child's birth because she just wanted to. I had my qualms about it but said, "Ok, they're inducing on this day." She decided that she couldn't really handle it and backed down. How she would have loved webcams!


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