Monday, April 6, 2009

FO's and Freeze Warning

I finally got around to blocking Porom. After soaking in a lukewarm Eucalen bath, I gently put it over a ballon, being careful not to stretch out the ribbing. Then I put it on top of a lovely Belleek vase (not what it was intended for of course, but the neck was wide enough to hold the ballon until it dries). Quiet a conversation starter! If this cold weather keeps up, I might get to wear it tomorrow.

Last night , I finished my No-Purl Monkeys. I love them and am wearing them today as it is 40 degrees and dropping.

No Purl Monkeys
Size 2 dpns
Araucania Ranco Multy
We have a freeze warning tonight. All these tender plants will need to be covered tonight. My house will be the one with sheets and newspapers all over the planter beds. These pictures were taken yesterday when it was sunny. Today it is a rainy, snowy mix with no sunshine.

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