Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Knitting

This pic is from my vacation. Travis is keeping us up-to-date on our precious grandson with video from his new Flip video camera. We love it!

Today is my birthday and I am enjoying a cup of coffee, knitting the sleeves on my Wonderful Wallaby, listening to the birds sing and watching my daughter sleeping on the couch. I have a call in to the dentist for possible dry socket... Not gonna be a rip roaring day, but a peaceful one. The deck is clean and sealed (an annual Memorial day activity it seems) and the weather is cool and breezy enough to enjoy sitting on the deck once we get all the furniture moved on to it.

Yesterday at the bird feeder I saw a black bird which made a noise like water bubbling. Very strange. He was shiny black and fat. His beak matched his body and his tail was short. I have looked all through my National Geographic Bird Book and can't find anything like him. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Adorable picture, Debbie!

    Did Amy try out for High School Musical at Acting Up? My daughter met her somewhere and I was trying to remember where. Oh, no, it was Vera Forbin's graduation party! Amy was quite memorable, apparently. Sarah, in her Aspie way, doesn't typically remember people she talks to, but she remembered Amy.


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