Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cold and Not Complaining

It has been dreary and even cool, but I'm not complaining. With all of the rain we've had, I'm sure that humid days lie ahead. That's when I'll start complaining. Being a California native, I am totally NOT cool with humidity. But it makes for good indoor knitting time and the preparation of garments that can be worn all winter. Today is a hot coffee, Pride and Prejudice watching, knitting kind of day.
I am almost to the neck on my Wonderful Wallaby. Maybe I will finish this next week. I have so many projects in the queue that I want to get to. I heard it said that a true knitter plans for weeks what they are going to knit on vacation and only thinks about packing their clothes the night before. That happened to me on my trip to California. What have I become???

I took my daughter shopping for jeans. What are people thinking? The skinny jean is back. I know NO ONE who looks good in these. If you have hips at all, you are doomed. We DID NOT buy a pair of these. I hope all the designers don't sell any and learn their lesson to not to try and foist stupid things that don't look good on anyone on us. Those of us who lived through the 70's and 80's know what a fashion faux pas is, however, it seems each generation must learn for itself and acquire their own set of pictures that they may reminisce with and ask, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"
My grandson is getting cuter and cuter. Of course. Here is one of his first smiles. I love how God's word speaks to every issue of life. If only we read it more and believed it when we read. How much time do we waste, trying to figure out everything with our own wisdom.

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged,
and the glory of children is their fathers.
—Proverbs 17:6

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