Saturday, June 6, 2009


My friend gave me this card for my birthday. It does not reflect my life or my marriage, but it is funny. It does speak to the calming, relaxing "zone" that you get in when you knit though. In fact this has been documented. You can search CBS I had the video embedded, but it plays every time you go to my page, the default being play and now they precede it with a Bacardi commercial. Sorry about the the removal, but knitting and Bacardi have nothing to do with each other.

The sun is shining and it has been unseasonably cool, but I'm still not complaining. Everything is so green and beautiful this year. My bird feeder has been host to an increasing variety of birds that are new. I did have to take down the suet though because the starlings (the bird version of a street gang) eat it up in a few hours, leaving the woodpecker to only dream of a tasty morsel. I have never seen so many European Starlings as this year. They are loud, fight with all the other birds and each other, and leave their excrement everywhere. There is nothing good about them. But, the minute I put the suet out, they flock back to my yard. ARG!

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