Friday, June 26, 2009

Gluten Free in Paris

My son is traveling to Paris to study at the EAMA for his second year. He found gluten free eating in Paris can be challenging and expensive. As more and more people adopt this diet, resources and options improve, but I found that they were scattered all over the internet. I will put some of the most helpful ones all in one place. I hope this is helpful to anyone traveling to Paris in the future. Bon Appetit!

A great list of restaurants that a writer on Delphi forums had success with are listed here.

Wonderful gluten-free soups can be found here at the Hotel Patheon Jeanne d'Arc.

This was my favorite article on eating in Paris.
This author has a great discussion of buckwheat pancakes here.

A discussion of various restaurants and their ability to meet GF needs is found here.

Vegetarian restaurants are a good choice and their is good information on them here.

The first completely gluten free restaurant in Paris, des Si et des Mets is available for your dining pleasure. Expensive, but safe!

A gluten free take-out has opened: Biosphäre, located at 57, rue St. Maur (Tél: 01 48 06 08 81).

The best discussion of food I found was at the Fodors discussion board. The possibility of buckwheat crepes was very inviting! Read it completely here.

If you have a hankering for bread, Schar's is in Paris. You can search store locations here. Another vendor, Gluta-byte, can also be found here.

French language travel cards are useful. Print off lots of them and keep them in your pocket to give to waiters. This is a great one here.

The Celiac Association of France, rumored to be offering an english translation in the future is here. I don't read French, so this was not very helpful to me.

Bringing your own food is a really good idea, just in case you need a quick bite and want to save money. offers some ready to eat meals. The packet meals would pack especially well. Oberto jerky is lightweight, gf in all flavors except the teriyaki and 100% protein. A big bag of almonds, a jar of peanut butter and packets of tuna, salmon or chicken also pack well and will offer some good sources of protein. Fruits, vegetables, and cheese are readily available in markets. Yogurt is also available, but only in "Polly Pocket" size as my son said. Food bars are also a must bring. Think Thin bars are a great source of protein, but any of your favorite bars are good to bring for a quick snack or meal.

A British GF webstore will kindly will mail anything you need to your Paris address. They can be reached at Tel - 01757 289207 or

A great article on How to Travel Gluten-Free in France by Phyllis Morrow is here.

A France Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide is here.

Another article on gluten-free dining in France can be found here.

This bulletin board at Chowhound had some good GF tips on eating in Paris.

This doesn't have much to do with Paris, but for dining inspiration, the Gluten-Free Girl has wonderful recipes and food inspirations!

I hope this helps you eat well and enjoy your travels! Please feel free to post any other links or info that you have found helpful!

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