Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Form Purse

I wish I had an SLR camera, because the colors are not true. There is not so much contrast as the photo shows. The colors are warm and very fall-looking in real life so I don't really even like the picture. The purse is great fun to make. I have one side completed, though the embellishments are just sitting on there right now. I will attach them when i figure out exactly where I want them. A cross between, quilting, broidery, cross stitch and knitting, with a little crochet thrown in makes it quite interesting. And I am plowing through my stash yarn, which was the goal.

My daughter has been at camp all week, so hubby and I have been empty nesting. I was thinking how blessed I am, to have him as my partner. Though things are quiet, we have enjoyed each other's company. We started watching the Band of Brothers. A tough one to watch, but it really shows you the bravery of the men who fought to keep us free. We have many in our church serving in the military. Even a reader, Emily, is serving our country at Guantanamo. These men and women deserve our respect and I shout out a big thank you for giving your lives to protect us.

Our summer has been cool and rainy, the coolest July on record for Ohio. I'm not complaining for I hate the humidity. We can just ease into fall right from where we are for all I care.


  1. Thank you for thinking about me, and all of us. It means more than I can say.

    I love the purse! Even if the colors aren't true, it looks great! What a cool project.

  2. So fun that you found me!! I saw you had become a follower and spent some time looking at YOUR blog! Good stuff. Sounds like you are a HAPPY grandma... reminds me of my mom right now :)


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