Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday the peaches were perfect for canning. 35 1/2 quarts and I'm pooped. But the larder is full and a bowl of sunny peaches will brighten the dreariest of winter days. Bags and bags of stuff from the basement are on the front porch waiting for pickup. I feel like a new woman.

Friday night Todd and I celebrated 33 years of marriage. A wonderful dinner at Eddie Merlot's was enjoyed. He is my best friend and we have enjoyed our years together. I love this quote by John Piper concerning marriage.

"God patterned marriage purposefully after the relationship between His Son and the church, which He planned from eternity. And therefore marriage is a mystery; it contains and conceals a meaning far greater than what we see on the outside. What God has joined together in marriage is to be a reflection of the union between the Son of God and His bride the church. Those of us who are married need to ponder again and again how mysterious and wonderful it is that we are granted by God the privilege to image forth stupendous divine realities infinitely bigger and greater than ourselves."

Today I start on a red Porom for my daughter. She has requested that I make her a hat before I finish her sweater. Pictures forthcoming.


  1. The peaches are lovely! You are amazing.

    And congrats to you and your husband!!! I wish you many many more years of joy.

  2. So glad I saw you are following my blog. Are you Brandon's mom?? Few things:
    1) you are an awesome knitter! Wish you lived close so you could teach me!
    2) I LOVE--like super love--your boys. They are awesome and wish they lived closer to us, too!
    3) hope to meet you one day IRL
    4) I wear skinny jeans almost every day. ;)

    (not in any real order)


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