Saturday, August 8, 2009

Purse Handles

I finally found purse handles. The handle suggested by the teacher was no where to be found. A 24inch Grayson E rolled handle is the handle of choice. It will go over the shoulder and the leather is beautiful. However, Muench, the maker, has been receiving bad leather which will not hold the no one has 24 inch handles except in some obscure colors. So, I went on a hunt. There are several people that carry handles and seem to "know" what is going on in purse handle world. Especially if you want a beautiful leather handle. These are a few of the most helpful websites that I found. There may be more, but once I found some, I quit looking, so feel free to post your finds here as well. had leather handles, but none that suited me. They did have a large selection though. Yarniverse carries them, but were very limited in what they had left. Jimmy Bean Wool, a personal favorite, carries handles, but unfortunately not the one I wanted. Homestead Heirlooms has some lovely handles, but they weren't the look I was going for. The most helpful company was Personal Threads. They seemed to really be in the know, though they did not have what I wanted. As it turned out, I bought a 13 inch olive green handle from Yarnmarket. As I opened the box, the wonderful smell of leather greeted me and I was very pleased with a beautiful set of handrolled handles. Apparently, it will be a while until the stocks of these wonderful handles will be numerous again, but I'm happy I was able to nab some, before they were completely gone.

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  1. They are really beautiful! Good choice of color.


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