Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've always loved Saturdays. They have a feel all their own. Sometimes there are big plans, sometimes no plans at all. Today I had big plans- canning two bushels of Pennsylvania peaches. After the first batch, I decided they needed one more day to ripen fully, so off to plan number two.

Remember the rumblings of basement clean up? Well, it is almost finished. It started with another hedgehog sitting experience. This time, I decided that the "hedgie" would reside in the basement, to keep the farm smell from permeating our living space. Well when the owners arrived to retrieve their pet, the hedgehog was no where to be found. Lovely. After about 40 minutes of frantic searching and plans to trap him with have-a-heart traps and the picking up of every mouse trap that we leave set in the basement "just in case," he was found huddled between boxes under the stairs. Hallelujah. I wasn't too excited about having a hedgehog roaming around the basement. The mess down there was not going to make it easy either. Once hedgehog was retrieved, I set in to clean. 4 days later, about 12 trash bags of junk ready to go on the porch for a charity, and hundreds of dead spiders sucked into a trash bag, I think I'm done. I even sorted through all my kids stuff and organized it so when they are home, they can either take it or throw it. The kids leave home, but it seems their stuff does not.

I also finished my Columns of Leaves Scarf. I bound off before I remembered to do the garter stitch for six rows again, so I am undoing the bind off and finishing it the right way. I hate it when I don't read my directions and do what I THINK is right.

We had a Saturday webcam visit with our grandson, who I call, "THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD." Sorry. Can't help it.

Sandra McCracken is singing in the background. The windows are open and it feels like fall. Chad is home and he helped his dad in the yard. Amy finished one big part of her school work. Now the steaks are going on the barbecue. Movies tonight with popcorn. Perfect.

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