Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Here!

This weekend, we worked in the yard since it was supposed to rain all week, which it hasn't (of course.) Cincinnati is not a town of accurate weather predictions. But I did pick these flowers, from some of the last in my yard. I have decided I love zinnias. They must not taste good, because the deer never touch them. Some sunflowers did emerge after the deer feast earlier this spring. They are so pretty and fall-ish.
Every fall, I must knit socks. I have decided that it is a lovely tradition. This soft Alpaca Sox yarn is in fall colors. After knitting on big needles all year, I am always surprised at how small sock needles seem. I feel like I'm knitting on toothpicks. I prefer the smallest possible dpn's for socks as the bottom of the sock feels more comfortable to me in a fine fabric.

When you think of fall, you think of turning leaves. Some of ours have begun to turn, but as we have had little rain the last month or two, the colors are coming slowly and the trees may just drop their leaves instead of turning so brilliant as in most years. But, I do have fall color in my yard. I always am reminded of fall's impending arrival by this beauty- a fall crocus. It only blooms in the beginning of fall and then dies back. In the spring, greenery shoots up to remind me of its presence and then that dies back. Here he is again, looking like spring but speaking fall to me.

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