Friday, October 9, 2009

German Twisted Cast-on

I'm starting my second sock and chose not to finish the toe on the last one in case I am short on yarn. The German Twisted Cast-on is my favorite for socks. It is stretchy and makes a nice edge for your sock. This video below explains it nicely. I swap stitches from the first needle and the last needle before starting my first row, making an even edge with no separation at the start. You can see the crossed yarn if you look closely, but I like that it makes a tight join.

My microwave is broken. It is not very old. I am not happy. I can't heat up coffee, defrost meat for dinner, heat up leftovers...on and on and on. I was thinking how good it is to have something break once in while. It makes you appreciate it more. I'm fortunate to have coffee and meat. Learning not to complain...

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