Friday, October 2, 2009

The knitting world is a kind of community. When you blog about knitting or join Ravelry, our own special online social network, you meet lots of new people. I was contacted by Mary from America's Knitting and asked if my Porom could be used on her site. Check out her website! It's a taste of knitting from around the country and features special projects as well. The latest special project is going to be featuring knitting from the pages of Jared Flood's wonderful new book- Made in Brooklyn. One of my favorite gift projects is his hat, Porom (not in the book.) You will see my lovely yarn model wearing her new fall hat on Mary's website.
Jared just completed his Master's in Fine Arts, and this book was his graduate project. He is also a photographer. You can see his photography here. One talented guy!
By the way, this book is on my Christmas wish list...

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