Monday, October 19, 2009

Mercy please.

I like this picture. It brings back memories of pig roasts with friends in Arizona. It also reflects my feeling about H1N1. The swine flu is striking left and right. One mom I know has swine flu in her home and a 10 day old baby. We are washing, sanitizing and praying alot. Really don't want to sick right now. We have some really good quality family time coming up and we are praying for mercy in the health department. I have a grandbaby to kiss and a celebration of a son's accomplishments at his Master's recital. CAN NOT GET SICK.

There is very little knitting going on over here. Preparing for company and preparing for traveling along with normal everyday things don't give me much free time. But 8+ hours of airplane knitting awaits me and I'm thinking of what I should bring on the plane. I recently picked up two skeins of this lovely Cascade 220 heather. What to make?

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