Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving day is over, but the giving of thanks will continue. There are too many blessings to store up for one day. We had a wonderful time with Brandon and my dear friend Nancy joined us as well. It was intimate and fun.

Notes on the meal: Paula Dean's pumpkin pie is killer. Will definitely make this EVERY year.
Skip the gluten-free pie crust though. Just put the extra in a greased pie plate or muffin cups and bake. Gluten-free crusts just get soggy.

We made the Gluten-free Girl's stuffing just as written. It was dry and we added chicken broth midway through baking. Next year I don't care what the cooking police say, it will go INSIDE the turkey and I think it will be perfect. We used 2 loaves of brown rice bread from EnerG and maybe it was too much. She doesn't specify how many cups of cubes. That may have been the problem. It was tasty though.

Kroger cottage cheese now contains barley. Why do they need barley in cottage cheese? It was providence that I found this out prior to making the jello. Daisy is the new brand of choice.

I'm madly knitting to finish gifts. Pics to follow soon.

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