Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Back...kind of...

Well, it has been a busy fall. My sister and husband visited with two of their girls and two of their grandchildren. We had fun ( as much as can be had when EVERYONE proceeded to get sick on separate days.) Then we took off to California to celebrate the accomplishment of our oldest son, at his Master's recital. It was a wonderful evening, complete with 4 encores. His music was beautiful and well-received by the audience. Then we all headed to Panera for a party of sorts. It was nice to see my brother and his wife and some of their kids along with other friends. Lots of time with family was spent, topped off by the baby dedication of our little grandson, Hudson, sometimes known as the cutest baby in the world. Who, by the way, started solid foods while we were there. Does this face look familiar?

Today I am back at work. I was having a great day until I stood up to walk a bit, caught my foot in the keyboard cord, unhooked the keyboard, knocked over the entire computer, shutting it off without saving anything of course, and have somehow jacked my back. What a dork.

It's time to finish a pair of socks, my green scarf and begin Hudson's Christmas stocking. Pictures soon, I promise.

Oh yeah...and to finish the story of the stray cat. The girl never came to pick it up, yet still has my $60 donation. I caught the cat the night before we left on our trip and took it to the SPCA. If it was healthy, it will be put up for adoption, if not...well, it is in cat heaven. I paid the SCPA $10. You can't say we didn't try...


  1. Oh wow, you have been busy! Your little grandson is sooo beautiful and congrats to your musician! I hope you feel better after the computer-flinging-incident. Can't say I never did that :)

  2. What amazing eyes your grandson has! I enjoy your blog, found it through Emily's blog. I'll link to it on mine! Anyhow, nice work, and happy to have found it!


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