Saturday, November 14, 2009

News Flash- 70 in Cincinnati on November 14 ?

I am madly knitting on Hudson's Christmas stocking. It is an easy pattern. I'm hoping Travis and Hayley don't have 10 children though. I would hate to make 9 more. This is my third one in cream Cascade 220 at Hayley's request. She and Travis got their's last Christmas. It really is very pretty and these stockings look beautiful on their hearth.

Amy had her piano recital today. She played beautifully. Brandon flew in to be there as a guest of the Leung Piano Studio. His piece, For Lydia, was played to honor a former student, Lydia Wu, who died of a brain tumor. Jackson and Benita Leung have been a large part of my family's history. Their love of excellence, beauty and God has been a constant. They are seen here with Brandon and Amy. My husband and I discussed the fact that we only have 2 more piano recitals after 25 years of annual recitals. Music has been a big part of our family's activities, so it will be strange. There is a season for everything and God must have something new for us around the corner.

Something is in my wall. It is scratching to get out. Frankly, that creeps me out. Hubby set mouse traps in the basement. Yuck.

It was 70 degrees today- November 14- Cincinnati- I'm not complaining!

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