Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Junk

Today I went to Waynesville, a quaint little town known for its shops. This horse and buggy was carrying passengers up and down the street. It was about 30 degrees outside and sunny, a beautiful day actually. Carolers were singing up and down the street. A man on stilts was juggling in the street (with no coat I might add.) I was able to find a shelf for over my couch that was hand made by a fine craftsman. I also bought a garland and some lights for my family room.
It seems that I accidently took some of my Christmas decorations to Goodwill during the summer. I remember grabbing a bag of what I remembered as being Christmas junk. After 33 years of marriage, much of what I have to decorate with has become junk. More and more stuff was staying in the box instead of making its way out to decorate. I remember this bag of greenery that I thought I didn't need and was falling apart...but I think the good stuff was in the same bag. Note to self, don't throw away anything based on my memory. In fact, don't do anything based on my memory. It is becoming a dangerous thing to rely on.

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  1. Hahahaha! Your last two lines are the funniest I've read lately! Oh my!

    You photo puts me in the Christmas mood. Reminds me that elsewhere there is brisk weather and horses pulling buggies!

    Happy Decorating!


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