Monday, December 14, 2009

Fetching with Modifications for Bulky Yarn

These Fetching in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky are Hayley's. I think these often come out big and when choosing a bulky weight, I knew I needed to make modifications. I never make the picot edge...just not a fan. This yarn is a dream and I plan to make many more things with it. No shedding, the color does not bleed and it is as soft as butter.

CO 30 stitches with size 10 dpns
Work 4 rounds 4 x 1 rib
Cable round
5 rounds of 4 x 1 rib
Repeat cable round and 5 rounds of 4 X 1 rib again
do 16 rows of 4 x 1 rib
When doing thumb, knit 4 stitches on thumb ( I thought this would be too tight, but I like how it fits)
Knit 2 rows of 4 x 1 rib
Work cable row. work 4 more rows of 4 x 1 rib.
Bind off loosely.

My daughter-in-law is the recipient of this Column of Leaves scarf. It is by far the prettiest I have made. Who can resist ruby-red wool? Cascade 220 is a great yarn and worked up beautifully into this scarf. It goes with the Fetching, a perfect match of color. We mailed packages this week and Travis and Hayley opened them on the webcam so we could share. No sense letting December go by without some red scarves to wear!

I always have trouble capturing reds and this is an example. The color is much prettier than pictured. This was actually for my son- the One Row Handspun Scarf. This pattern is a little boring (of course it is the 3rd one I've made- I think I need a break...) but knits into a lovely, drapey fabric. I also knit this in Cascade 220. I love how the colorways are so varied, even within families with Cascade.

What will I do when my yarn model grows up and moves out?


  1. Your scarves are beautiful! I especially love the lace one. Great work!

  2. So wonderful!!! Great work!! Some day I'll be that good :)


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