Friday, January 1, 2010

21 degrees...brrr.....

It is 21 degrees outside and there is a constant (slow, but constant) stream of joggers going past my house. I can't imagine. My elliptical bike in my basement (still cold, but no where near 21 degrees) does me just fine.

It has been a lovely holiday. Furloughs at work (I work at home part time) allowed me to enjoy my favorite things, being a homemaker. My son was home for several weeks, my daughter had no school work, my husband has had a week off of vacation and on Tuesday, the next wave of company arrives. Yes, CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD (aka Hudson) will be arriving. I am a happy woman. Cooking behemoth mounds of food and keeping bathrooms clean is a welcome activity! Everyone has been warned to dress will be cold next week!

Everyone keeps saying we are entering a new decade. The decade begins next year. Has anyone else noticed this? Even wikipedia, the source of all knowledge (jk) agrees with me.

I am knitting the toes on my socks. Finally! Pictures tomorrow!

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  1. He is Adorable!! My Will had an angel kiss, too, and so your Hudson brings back memories of my little Will (getting big too fast)! Happy New Year, and have a great time with Hudson!


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