Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bento Boxes

I happened upon something new, the Bento Box: cute little lunch boxes with little foods tucked into tiny places. These are commonly prepared by Japanese women for their family's lunches. The craze is spreading. Google Bento and you will be amazed! My daughter is fairly picky and likes little tiny things. She is homeschooled, but once a week packs a lunch for classes. I feel fairly guilty for sending her off with a brown bag (which comes back half-eaten) after researching this craze. I think it is amazing how we long for beauty and that desire comes out in the most interesting ways. These bento bloggers are amazing! After showing my daughter pictures, she said she would love this. Perhaps a future new hobby looms...


  1. Wow - I've never seen a Bento box like those on Flickr! Mostly the ones I've had have been like box lunches in fancy containers. These put my Bento experience to shame!

  2. That's an amazing lunch! I'm sorry to say I don't put that much care into my kids' lunches....

    I like you ridea of putting dryer lint in old tissue boxes...then it's not dropped on the floor!


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