Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did Ya Ever Wonder....

What would happen if you baked a chocolate cake without sugar? Well, I never wondered actually. But I did find out.

It may be difficult to tell, but this cake is 1/4 inch high. So, my next question is this. How much do I love my husband? The answer is VERY MUCH. After thoroughly testing my baking powder and soda for its freshness, and discovering the problem, I immediately baked cake number two. Chocolate cake is his love language. He was very happy and my story goes down in the annals of cooking mishaps.


  1. I had no idea leaving the sugar out would do that! The first one was just a huge, rich cookie?? sans sugar..was it any good?

    The second picture had my hubby moaning "yum" and now is debating where to find his own chocolate cake!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yum, that chocolate cake looks delicious (the one with the sugar!). Love that biscuit blanket-- I'm going to check out the pattern.

  3. It was terrible! And very salty tasting. It now resides in the trash.

  4. LOL- cake- socks : I guess alot of things shrinks ;-)
    The first one must have been like fudge? did you taste it with vanilla ice-cream? Second cake you should be proud of.I am sure it tastes as good as it looks- and thanks for you comment on my blog- I sure will be coming back here.


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