Friday, January 29, 2010

Simple Things

It is a joy to see so many attempt to assist with the wake of the Haiti quakes. I have known how to prayer better by following the blog of the Livesay family. Christina of Soul Aperture is sending $1 to Doctors Without Borders for each blog that writes about The Simple Things in life. Write your post, comment on her blog, and participate in this worthy cause.

Simple Things

The smile of your first grandchild

fresh flowers on the table

blue and white dishes

a hot cup of coffee

fresh fallen snow

soup on the stove

ice cream

a good book, soft chair and a crocheted afghan


the scent of lilacs

a woodpecker at the feeder

the soft click of knitting needles


music wafting from my living room

freshly cut grass

a walk on the beach


green beans plucked from the garden

the soft touch of alpaca yarn

a leisurely country drive

warm slippers on a cold day

chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven

the first crocus of spring

down pillows

fresh paint

pink peonies

God's word read aloud

a train in the distance

hearing the testimony of a fellow believer

the laughter of my children


  1. peonies, lilacs, baby smiles, and chocolate chip cookies - what a great list!

  2. this is an absolutely glorious list!
    the smiles, i can't get over the gorgeous smile.
    this warms my heart.


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