Monday, February 1, 2010


Cupcakes are the rage and I think it's because they are easy to make pretty. I am not an out-of-the-box cook and found this yummy from-scratch recipe on Martha The icing is Wilton's buttercream, as my daughter thought white was prettier. I will not be eating these. I am content to just watch other people. I did take one bite to confirm that real Dutch-processed cocoa was needed. My grocery store does not carry it so I will need to order. I used to buy this at Jungle Jim's, but they did not carry it any more, maybe because the cost is prohibitive. $29.00 for a bag of cocoa powder just seems wrong...the price has more than doubled since I last bought a bag. So Bensdorp it is.


  1. Oh that looks so good...I could start my day with something delish like this...yum.
    Also thank you so very much for your kind words today.

  2. those cupcakes look so good. I love making them but am fairly ordinary at decorating. I think I need to aspire to something like yours!


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