Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hemlock Ring Blanket

Sometimes I'm surprised when I find out that something that looks difficult is do-able (I know that's a word, but it looks funny.) I often spend time frogging (or ripping out for you newbies) and my husband asks me how that can be fun. I am a process knitter for sure. I enjoy the process of learning a new technique and figuring it out. Row 14 was one I had to ponder on this blanket and did it wrong several times, but eventually I got it. I call this Alzheimer's prevention- challenging my brain cells to figure out a puzzle. Most of the time, if I would JUST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS as written, things would go right, but I always think they MEAN something other than what they say. Anyone else out there do that?
Anyway, I'm on row 27 and seeing the pattern of what is going on and am quite pleased. The Ecological Wool is a dream to knit with. I would like a sweater in this soft, squishy wool, but I must finish my blanket first. And I couldn't wait for the Olympics to cast on. Maybe I will finish this and have a different Olympics project.


  1. Debbie--you are so talented! I envy your knitting skills. I am a novice with the knitting and have actually stopped all together. I'm trying to perfect my crocheting skills and just maybe, I can tackle the knitting again.

    "Alzheimer's prevention"--now that was a great bit of humor! I'm in my 30's and feel I suffer from Alzheimer's! But I like the "prevention" method---challenging ourselves everyday. :)

  2. That's fabulous!! Where might I find a pattern for such a cute blanket?!?! I love blankets in the round!!!!!

  3. The pattern can be found here.
    I love to knit in the round!

  4. The next time that I am having trouble with my knitting I'll have to remember that I am preventing Alzheimer's! That will make the excruciating knitting days have meaning!

  5. i had this pattern in mind as too hard and then a newbie knitter i know whipped it up in no time and I thought, huh, well if she can do it so can I! And I did. Twice! Glad to see you're giving it a go too!

  6. What an interesting pattern! Thanks for the link. I'm a process knitter, too. Some days I really don't care what I'm knitting, as long as I'm knitting.


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