Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't vacuum in your nightgown.

This was how my day started. I was vacuuming in my favorite nightgown, one of those cotton, Laura Ashley-ish, white cotton, old fashioned, timeless, victorian numbers. Well, I sucked up the nightgown in the vacuum and now it is ruined. Unless I cut off the bottom and make it short. Lesson learned-Never vacuum in a nightgown. Especially stairs.

I retreated to my home office to work after the event and to sooth myself, I lit this candle. It smells like chocolate. I almost forgot about my nightgown.
And then the mailman came. My Christmas gift cards to Webs bought me lots and lots of alpaca. Just in time for a new project after the completion of my Hemlock Ring Blanket!

Mr. Mailman also brought this. I am not joining. I don't care how old I get.


  1. How did you ruin your nightgown with the vacuum? And regarding AARP, you get TONS of discounts, and the magazine isn't so bad. And you are 95% done with that blanket??? You are sister speedy knitter!

  2. It made a big hole. ;-( Like a dork I pulled it out of the vacuum with it running.
    I refuse to join, sorry Erin...
    Yes! 95%


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