Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Make a Pom-Pom

Need to make a pom-pom? It's easy and you don't need anything but yarn, your fingers and some scissors.
With your index and middle fingers held together, wrap snuggly about 80 times for a 1 inch pom pom. It will look like too much, but it will be just right! You want the finished pom-pom to be full.

Take 12 inch piece of yarn and pass between fingers in space between yarn and palm. Grab other end of yarn and make tight knot, slipping all off of your fingers.
Like this:
Insert your scissors into the loops and cut all around the edge. It will now look like this. Time to start trimming with sharp, small scissors. Fluff as you go by giving it a good shake.
When you are done, you will have a lovely little pom-pom!


  1. Oh, you make it look so easy. I need to try this on some projects I've completed. Thanks for the step-by-step photos...

  2. Thanks for the instructions, I use to make these all the time but lately mine have been terrible. I can't wait to try your method.


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