Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sometimes it's fun to look at the past. I've been working in beige alot apparently.

Update on the puppy: Keeping in the family music tradition, Pippin has his own guitar. He is sleeping through the night, has had one accident in 3 days and is basically the most amazing puppy ever. He also seems to either love his bath, or just does not protest.

The most amazing miracle, is that my daughter, an avowed night person (meaning she is not a morning person and barely says two words prior to noon) has been miraculously transformed into a morning person WITHOUT COMPLAINT! She gets up with Pippin and goes to bed when he does. She loves her puppy.


  1. I think the beige is great! It really shows off all your hard work with the patterns. And the puppy, oh the puppy!

  2. That puppy is adorable!! And your collage of knit goods - all so nice! Happy Easter - Sunday's coming!


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