Monday, April 5, 2010

Checking In

It's me, Pippin here, checking in. I had a great weekend. Played alot of catch with my family (I really like fetching) and took many naps as well. I'm still a baby and need my sleep. I only had one accident this weekend, mainly because my family is keeping an eagle eye on me. I did surprise them when I walked to the door and sat there until they took me outside to do my business. I know how to get a treat if I want one. I am loving my bed and never woke up once during the night all weekend. Amy is really happy about that. The big tall guy that lives here held me alot this weekend and I think he loves me. I'm a pretty chill little guy and my owners like me so I guess they'll be keeping me around. Yesterday, I met my new girlfriend. She is way bigger than me, even though she's younger, but hey...We all had Easter dinner at her house. She is a redhead. Her family hasn't named her yet. Any ideas?

Tomorrow night I'm taking Amy to puppy school so she can learn a few things. That's all for now. Peace out!

Yours truly,
Pippin Defarge von Borgenstein

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  1. She looks like a Daffy or an Eloise to me! :) Greetings to you, Pippin darling!


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