Monday, April 19, 2010

Help me out!

My sweet husband asked me what do I want to do on my birthday.  It is a month away and I have no idea.  What do you like to do on your birthday?


  1. I love going to the cinema! And because my birthday is just after Christmas there are always good movies out!

    I hope you think of something you want to do :D

  2. my birthday is coming up too. My absolute dream would be to go to San Francisco, just the two of us. But that isn't going to happen. We are probably going to BBQ with friends. I always like that.

  3. Kick the kids out of the house. Go have a nice dinner, a little wine, get tipsey, then the rest is up to you!

  4. I think if I took your suggestion, I would be passed out and miss the entire party! I'm thinking the nice dinner is a winner!

  5. My birthday is a little over a month away and I get the same question from my husband.
    I love just spending time with him,my girls and their husbands. This year will be very important because my first born is with child and she/he will also be with us.

  6. I like to eat Cake... LOTS of it! Calories dont' count on your birthday!

  7. This year hubs is building me a much needed garden shed.
    Love that.
    Last year I got a pair of beautiful green wellies( Ehglish rubber boots)- I guess I am more of the practical type.
    Happy Birthday- I hope you have wonderful day!


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