Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday's Like Summer

I've always loved Saturday, but years ago, this song by Michael Kelly Blanchard made me love it more. Happy Saturday to you!

Saturday's Like Summer

Crow cries out the window, from a hemlock throne.
His wake up call the wind knows and swirls around the home.
All week long I've been so tired to the bone.
Now I'm out of jail an unfurled sail waiting to be blown.
Down stairs in the kitchen, breakfast ghosts escape.
Someone's up and fixin' the coffee and pancakes.
The maple syrups sittin' right there by my plate.
My stomach eyes are big and wide, my mouth's an open gate.

Off there in the distance, just beyond the hill.
A log offers resistance to a chain saw's noisy will.
Circling with persistence a hawk cries high and shrill.
For a mole or mouse to leave their house and become his first kill.
The sun climbs slow and yellow and calls the brave boys out.
To race down through the meadow and bring back joy from doubt.
A dog barks at his echo, shadows start to pout.
Its Saturday, the work is play, the language speaks in shouts.

Saturday's like summers, simple. Slow and sweet.
A rest for rat race runners. A shade tree from the heat.
Blessed lawn of wonder, for my tired, shoeless feet.
A holiday to laugh away that shows up once a week.

Soon the runners and the walkers wander from their homes.
The old folks are the talkers, the young ones have headphones.
A field day for the gawkers as every shape that's known.
Parades by as Spandex tries to contain flesh and bone.
Now Daddy's got the children. Husbands got their list.
Wives are playing pilgrims in the shopping mall wilderness.
The afternoon is filled in with what the morning missed.
Lessons and sport and all sorts of miscellaneous.

Too soon the daylight starts to dim. Too quickly dusk descends.
A whistle calls the warriors in as farewells frame the friends.
Supper's simmer, baths begin. Outside the night sings hymns.
A tales re-told to a sleepy soul then blink the story ends.
Oh God must have His reasons for everything that's done.
They're not always pleasin' but I can think of one.
That shows up every season, four times every month.
A Sabbath day called Saturday thrown in just for fun.


  1. What a great song. Thanks for sharing. I may have to pass this one along too.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I just love the image! I showed it to my honey and asked if he posed for that one when he was a kid. He just LOVES Ihop and pancakes! :))

    Saturday smiles,

  3. Hi Debbie, this image is real fun! I love your pictures of the pretty flowers too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, hope there will be a lot of sun in your part of the world!

  4. I loved that picture!! Happy weekend :)


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