Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thinking About Mothering

I think being a mother is the most wonderful job of all. I have a friend that says (and I'm sure she got it from someone else) that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.  I believe that.  I have three sons and one daughter, each a blessing, each unique.  I was a nurse before having children, but I knew that once I had a child that I wanted to fully devote myself to the care and development of each of them.

With Mother's Day approaching, I thought it would be fitting to talk about mothering. Please join me and feel free to join in the discussion.

It has been a joy to watch my daughter-in-law mother her son, my grandchild.  She is determined to do the best by him and I see in her eyes the things I remember feeling when my children were young. This video is from Hudson's first birthday party.  Enjoy and see if it doesn't stir mother memories in you...

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  1. Gorgeous images! Yes, being Mom is fantastic, even after they have grown up to be colleagues and friends and have children of their own. It's fun to see your children become parents and work through the same joys, trials, and tribulations that we had with them. It's also wonderful to be there to help with the grandchildren when asked.

    Lovely post and images you have shared here. Thank you.

    Lois in Cincinnati

  2. This was a very sweet post! You are an amazing mom and have been a great example to me. Hudson is one lucky boy to have you as his grandma.


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